Tourist attractions: Heritage, handicrafts and leisure activities

  • Heading for Monts-d’Or…
    - Museum: The inventions of a genius called Ampère
    - Museum: Chasselay, amongst family and traditions…
    - Site: The unusual Senegalese cemetery, Tata Sénégalais
    - Site: The unusual Senegalese cemetery, Tata Sénégalais
  • Heading towards Arbresle country...
    - Site: Napoleon passed through here
    - Site: Beautiful Arbresle…
    - Exhibition: Meeting the silk-weavers
    - Convent: The unusual convent of Sainte-Marie-de-la-Tourette
    - Site: Charles VIII was here…
    - Museum: Mines in the West Lyonnais area!
  • On the road to Savigny and its abbey…
    - Site: Discovering the village on a history tour
    - Museum: The treasures of the Lapidaire Museum
    - Site: Climbing up to the village of Sourcieux les Mines
  • On the Way to Yzeron
    - Tour: Amidst the traditions of the Maison de L’ARAIRE museum
    - Site: The legendary stones of Saint-Laurent-de-Vaux
    - Handicrafts: In search of the crafts artists of Lyonnais
    - Site: The Gallo-Roman village of Taluyers
    - Site: Millery, in walking country