Figures and history of the Coteaux du Lyonnais area

The Guild
In 1988, the Confrérie des vins des Coteaux du Lyonnais, the Coteaux du Lyonnais wine producers’ guild, was created, whose ceremonies take place in the largest wine-tasting cup in the world (1512 litres)!


The history of the wine jars or “Pots” and the revolt of the “Voracious”.
It is in the 14th century that the cheerful wine comes down from its hillside to animate popular celebrations. The wine flows like water at Place Bellecour and on the Pont du Change, served in the famous one-litre ‘town jars’ or ‘Lyon jars’. From 1850, the capacity of the jars was reduced to 46 cl, an event which provoked the revolt of the “voracious” silk-workers in the Croix Rousse area of Lyon. It is these very same “Pots” (pronounced “po” in English) that you will find even today on the tables of the “bouchons” of Lyon.