The vine: living in harmony with the seasons

The most important factor for the vine’s development is the sun. Without it, the leaves of the plant are unable to complete photosynthesis which allows for the production of sugars and other constituents that are essential for wine.


From December until March:
- Pruning of the vine: there is an old proverb in the region that says "
A vine pruned in February fills the basket with grapes"
- Repairing vine posts and wires.

At the end of winter, the vine’s vegetative cycle begins. The plants, having built a nutrient reserve, will gradually, depending on the temperature, push this reserve towards their branches.




March and April:
- Bending the canes
- Maintaining the soil
- Planting young plants

Vine suckering or debudding: removing the unwanted cane shoots which appear at the base of the vine-stock before flowering which could weaken the vine.

In spring, a bud appears and sprouts a leaf. Once they have developed on the green stems, the first grape flowers appear. The grape berries grow from these flowers.

20 – 24 June:
- Wire lifting or attachment: lifting the vine shoots so that they are positioned vertically. .

Beginning of July (before the 14th):
- Trimming: this involves cutting the shoots to clear the alleys and remove excess foliage; it thus improves the grape clusters’ exposure and aeration; it may be carried out 2 or 3 times before harvesting.
- Tying up: this is the process whereby the branches are tied up. This is done using trellis wires: 2 wires are attached to each other on either side and are raised regularly.

Beginning of August:
- Thinning: controlling the number of grapes to ensure the grape clusters mature properly.


At the beginning of the summer, the now clearly visible grape cluster has little green berries. The plant surface of the vine starts to develop very quickly at this stage and wine producers top the plant in order to steady its growth. Sugars accumulate in the grape berries which become translucent by the middle of summer and gradually take on their final colour, red or golden depending on the grape variety.



September – October:
- The harvest

Just before autumn sets in, berries with a taut skin can be gathered. The harvest starts when there is an optimal sugar/acidity balance. Before being pruned, the vine rests throughout the winter whilst it loses its leaves in order to allow the vine-stock to recuperate all its strength for the new growth.