Discovering our traditional recipes

As the Coteaux du Lyonnais area goes hand in hand with the good life, it is impossible not to associate it with the extraordinary richness of the gastronomic traditions of the Lyonnais area. Its cuisine is based both on the authenticity of its recipes and on the close proximity of an area where numerous animals, animal products and agricultural products abound.

Served all over the world by the great chefs of our era, our traditions, which continue to thrive even today, ensure the continuing existence of our famous "bouchons Lyonnais”, traditional Lyon bistros. These auberges or inns where wine was served outside of meal times (bottle stoppers (bouchons) made of straw were fixed on their signs) and where it was possible to have a pork snack washed down with some good wine represent one of the pillars of the traditions of the Lyonnais province. This hearty snack or mâchon - as it is called in Lyon – with tripe in breadcrumbs, liver mousse, sabodet (Pig's head and skin sausage), quenelles (steamed dumplings with a meat, fish or potato filling) or cervelle de canut, cheese-based speciality, is still the favourite treat of a large proportion of people from the area.