Vinification: tradition and modernity

The secret of the wines of the Coteaux du Lyonnais lies in traditional vinification methods.



With progress, the cellars are increasingly well-equipped (fermenting room, wine press, temperature control) with the sole objective of optimising
Some cuvees may be kept in reserve for several years.
The harvested grapes are placed in barrels without being pressed.
The wine is obtained by a process of semi-carbonic maceration of the grape berries. Pressing is carried out 5 to 7 days after maceration.


When the wine grower judges that the colour and tannic structure are that of the wine that he wants, he collects the free run wine and the press wine which are left to complete the fermentation process in vats. Then the wines are bottled, either in winter for fruity summer wines or at the end of the summer for more robust nectars which will be kept in the cellar until they are put on sale in the autumn.